Red Hat Linux 9.0

This version can be downloaded for free
legally here.

Unlike 7.1, I actually got to dink with this
one! So, this page will be a whole lot more
informative. Just so you know - I'm doing these
out of order. I just finished 7.1's page.

The setup was actually nice!

They got rid of the sick 3D graphics ;-;

This happened again. Red Hat doesn't like
blank drives.

The setup actually worked this time! Hooray!

This was what I thought would be the last part
that functioned. Thankfully, I was wrong.

Imagine that: Red Hat Network! I wonder if it
still works...

Nope. But hey, somehow it autodetected my Ryzen
5 CPU! I didn't expect that.

The GRUB bootloader looks so much better than 7's.

And we did it! Let's get this over with!

Nice GFX, Red Hat.

This was released in 2003, near the launch of Windows XP.
This explains the graphic style.

Ah, sick! Let me dig out my Palm Pilot~

Wait, it doesn't come pre-installed????

There we are. Make your own bad Red Hat

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